Make Donald Trump a One Term President! Throw Him Out 2020!

Make Donald Trump a One Term President! Throw Him Out 2020!

Make Donald Trump a One Term President! Throw Him Out 2020!Make Donald Trump a One Term President! Throw Him Out 2020!Make Donald Trump a One Term President! Throw Him Out 2020!

Throw Him Out 2020™ Organization

End the Chaos, Help Us Defeat Donald Trump in 2020!


Arguably, the worst president in American history…

  • Who got elected through racism, fear, and division
  • Who won in 2016 with the welcomed help of Russia
  • Whose tax cuts fuel an economy that benefits the wealthiest among us at the expense of our middle class and the poorest of us
  • Whose failure to act on the clear and present danger of climate change puts at risk ours and future generations
  • Who, if he had his way, would "Send them back to the country they came from"
  • Whose moral failures of racism and misguided nationalism weaken our democracy
  • Whose self-proclaimed “great and unmatched wisdom” is a threat to our national security ("a stable genius")
  • Who’s  willingness to trade American prestige and security aid for personal  political gain in his dealings with foreign leaders is criminal and  impeachable behavior
  • Who HAS and IS obstructing justice to avoid impeachment
  • Who has been IMPEACHED

Donald Trump’s presidency is a real threat to our national security. This perspective has driven a group of friends to get involved politically by starting a SuperPAC for a single goal: making Donald Trump a one-term president. Each of us has a friend, a relative, or colleague who fells the same need to do something to help end this political nightmare. We need your help to get Throw Him Out 2020™ off the ground and achieve our goal of making Donald Trump a one-term president for the good of the country.


The mission of THROW HIM OUT 2020 is to create a movement that helps make Donald Trump a one term President. We will advance this mission by supporting voter turnout initiatives and running an advertising campaign against Donald Trump's re-election in the key battleground states.


How It Works

Through our web site (, we intend to raise funds by selling of hats, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and/or allow folks to simply make a donation.  

  • These funds will be used, buy ads on social media and fund get out the vote efforts  in critical swing states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina. 
  • The ads will be developed by political professionals so they will hit hard and be targeted to maximize voter turnout. 
  • All staff are working pro-bono. Operating costs include setting up and maintaining the website, political advertising/consulting, and any professional fees needed to maintain compliance with the Federal Election Commission or the Internal Revenue Service rules.

What You Can Do


A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated. A purchase of one of our specially designed hats or other merchandise will help us fund our mission. Tell a friend or colleague, wear our hat, and post a pic of yourself wearing it on social media. Small steps but they all add up to the kind of support we need to get the message out.  

Our fundraising goal at this stage is to raise $7500 to purchase some early ads merchandise. Once the pump is primed, our hope is that word of mouth and social media buzz will make these THO2020 hats as big a hit as those red ones from you-know-who.

Help us make Throw Him Out 2020™ a national movement and take this opportunity to turn political talk into action. Buy a hat and THROW HIM OUT in 2020 (

Thank you in advance for your support.


The Committee to Throw Him Out 2020™.

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